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The brand new Donut Mystery is now available for sale, Donut Mystery #20!

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Brand New from New York Times Bestseller Jessica Beck,
Donut Mystery #20: SUGAR COATED SINS

Announcing the publication of Donut Mystery #20, SUGAR COATED SINS, a brand new novel from New York Times Bestselling Author Jessica Beck!

When a time capsule is accidentally unearthed on the town square, a murder confession is discovered, leading Suzanne, Grace, and Jake on a hunt through time for a killer who clearly isn’t finished yet.

Available now on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and more!

Brand New! Cast Iron Will, First in a New Series!!

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Introducing CAST IRON WILL, Book 1 in the brand new cozy mystery series, the Cast Iron Cooking Mysteries, from New York Times Bestselling Author Jessica Beck!


When a customer is murdered on the front porch of the Cast Iron Store and Grill with one of their favorite skillets, fraternal twins Pat and Annie must solve the crime, or they just might be next items on the killer’s to-do list.

Now available on Amazon as an ebook, soon to come to Barnes & Noble and paperback!

Happy reading!

Brand New! Donut Mystery #19, TROUBLED TREATS

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The brand new Donut Mystery is now available for sale, TROUBLED TREATS, Donut Mystery #19!

Brand New from New York Times Bestseller Jessica Beck, TROUBLED TREATS, Donut Mystery #19!  It’s available on Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles, soon to come in paperback!

There’s been a murder at the old wagon factory, a building recently purchased and now being renovated by Suzanne’s mother. What’s more, Jake and Suzanne were on the premises when the crime occurred. They soon get dragged into the investigation and begin uncovering a bevy of clues as to why this homicide took place. Did the killing happen for personal reasons, or was it instigated by someone’s lust for the rumor of hidden gold?

Please note: If you’ve already purchased this book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, there was initially an issue with line spacing that has since been addressed. In particular, due to a glitch on Amazon’s site, it has taken several days to correct this. If you’ve already downloaded the book and discovered you have this issue, please feel free to return the book and purchase a new copy with the corrected spacing, if you are so inclined. I’m sincerely sorry for the inconvenience, and as always, thank you for reading my novels.

Brand New! Diner Mystery #7, A Burned Out Baker!

The brand new Diner Mystery is now available for sale, A BURNED OUT BAKER, Classic Diner Mystery #7!

Sweet Suspects

A BURNED OUT BAKER, Book 7 in the Classic Diner mystery series from New York Times Bestselling Author Jessica Beck!  It’s available on Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles.
Barry Jackson’s bakery is burned to the ground, with the baker still inside, soon after a fiery confrontation with Moose and Victoria, and the pair must solve the murder before their reputations, and their freedom, go up in smoke!

Ghost Cat 2: Bid for Midnight

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Book 2 in the Ghost Cat Mysteries


Ghost Cat 2

When Christy Blake goes to an estate auction, she plans to pick up a few things for her secondhand shop, Memories and Dreams. She gets more than she bargains for, though, when her ghost cat, Midnight, brings one of the late owners to her for help. Summer and her father were murdered, and Christy must solve the case to free the victim so she can Cross Over. But by doing so, will Christy lose Midnight forever?

Glazed Murder and A Chili Death now in audio!

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Fatally Frosted

Great News!  Fatally Frosted, Donut Mystery #2, is now available on Amazon and on iTunes!

Donut 1 Glazed Murder Kindle Best ACX

Great News!  Glazed Murder, Donut Mystery #1, is now available on Amazon and iTunes!

A Chili Death Diner 1 ACX

Jessica’s just published her first audio book, A Chili Death!  It’s available on Amazon and iTunes, so happy listening!

More Information

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For Information about the availability of Large Print Rights, Foreign Rights, Audio Rights, and all other rights, please contact the publisher at


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