Cast Iron Mystery #5!

Brand New Cast Iron Mystery from New York Times Bestseller Jessica Beck,


Announcing the publication of Cast Iron Mystery #5, CAST IRON SUSPICION from New York Times Bestselling Author Jessica Beck!

When Annie’s ex boyfriend, Timothy Roberts, is found dead in his burned out cabin, she is considered a suspect by the whole town, particularly since Timothy dumped her not that long ago. The victim’s current girlfriend, Jenna Lance, is missing, so the twins, Pat and Annie Marsh, start digging into the man’s life, and his death, in an effort to figure out who might have done it. Is Jenna a killer on the run? Is Timothy’s no good brother to blame? Or did one of his clients decide to write him off permanently as a bad debt? As the twins struggle to figure out who closed the books on the accountant and balanced the books forever, they end up uncovering more secrets than they ever expected to find.

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