Book Sale!

Due to the current worldwide health crisis, many folks are confined close to home for the next few weeks. As our way of saying thank you, we at Cozy Publishing are offering the following Jessica Beck ebook titles in a special sale until the end of March. If there are any of these series you’ve been thinking about trying, you won’t get a better deal than right now. And please remember, everyone stay safe!

99 cent sale
Deadly Donuts, Donut Mystery 10 (this is the first donut mystery title we have control over, so we are starting with this one).
A Chili Death, Classic Diner Mystery 1
Ghost Cat: Midnight Paws, Ghost Cat Mystery 1
Cast Iron Will, Cast Iron Mystery 1

$2.99 sale
Assault and Batter, Donut Mystery 11
Sweet Suspects, Donut Mystery 12
Deep Fried Homicide, Donut Mystery 13
Custard Crime, Donut Mystery 14
Lemon Larceny, Donut Mystery 15
A Deadly Beef, Classic Diner Mystery 2
A Killer Cake, Classic Diner Mystery 3
A Baked Ham, Classic Diner Mystery 4
Ghost Cat 2: Bid for Midnight
Cast Iron Conviction, Cast Iron Mystery 2
Cast Iron Cover-Up, Cast Iron Mystery 3