Updated Book Sale!

Due to the ever expanding worldwide situation, Cozy Publishing has decided to extend their current temporary ebook sale to May 12, 2020.

In addition to the books listed previously, the following ebook titles have now been added to the ongoing sale.

This sale now includes Donut Mysteries 10-25, the entire Classic Diner Mysteries, the entire Cast Iron Cooking Mysteries, and the entire Ghost Cat Mysteries.

Stay safe, everyone!

The $2.99 sale now includes these additional titles to the ones announced earlier:

  • Bad Bites, Donut Mystery 16
  • Old Fashioned Crooks, Donut Mystery 17
  • Dangerous Dough, Donut Mystery 18
  • Troubled Treats, Donut Mystery 19
  • Sugar Coated Sins, Donut Mystery 20
  • Criminal Crumbs, Donut Mystery 21
  • Vanilla Vices, Donut Mystery 22
  • Raspberry Revenge, Donut Mystery 23
  • Fugitive Filling, Donut Mystery 24
  • Devil’s Food Defense, Donut Mystery 25
  • A Bad Egg, Classic Diner Mystery 5
  • A Real Pickle, Classic Diner Mystery 6
  • A Burned Out Baker, Classic Diner Mystery 7
  • Cast Iron Motive, Cast Iron Cooking Mystery 4
  • Cast Iron Suspicion, Cast Iron Cooking Mystery 5