Great News!

All of the Jessica Beck books listed on my website (Donut Mysteries 10-35, the Cast Iron Cooking Mysteries, the Classic Diner Mysteries, and both Ghost Cat Mysteries) are now available to be ordered as ebooks from your local library.

If you’d like to see these ebooks offered by your local system, please be sure to ask your local librarian to order them from OverDrive, the source for library ebooks throughout the country!

Just Published: Donut Mystery #35, Cocoa Crush!

donut_35Just published, Donut Mystery #35, Cocoa Crush!

When Suzanne and Jake leave town to attend a party with friends, they never dream that they are about to become involved in another murder. The stakes continue to rise as an ice storm knocks out the power in the penthouse where they are staying, locking them in with a dead body and a killer until law and order—as well as the power—can be restored.

Available now on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and many other retailers!

Just Published: Donut Mystery #34, Scary Sweets!

Donut_34-Scary_Sweets-kindleJUST PUBLISHED, Donut Mystery #34, Scary Sweets!

It’s Fright Week in April Springs, a time filled with special events leading up to Halloween, but the celebration is in jeopardy when a body is found in the middle of the night on the platform of the dunking booth under the town clock. Suzanne and her mother decide to investigate, and soon secrets from the past resurface and threaten the present in a very real way.

Available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other retailers!

Just Published: Donut Mystery #33, Cherry Filled Charges!

donut_28-mixed_malice_bnJust published, Donut Mystery #33, Cherry Filled Charges!

It’s finally time for Barton Gleason’s pop-up bistro, but the grand opening is marred when a fellow chef and rival from culinary school is murdered nearby in one of the staging areas. Suzanne stumbles across the body, and while Jake is away dealing with his own family issues, she and Grace tackle the job of tracking down the real killer before someone else’s goose gets cooked!

Available for purchase now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers!

Just Published: Donut Mystery #32, Boston Cream Bribery!


Just published, Donut Mystery #32, Boston Cream Bribery!

When head town councilman Van Rayburn is attacked at his home and left for dead, Suzanne and Jake struggle to prove that their friend, Mayor George Morris, is innocent of committing the assault. The only problem is that there is evidence left at the scene that implicates the mayor, and Van can’t seem to remember the attack at all!

Available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and soon to come to other retailers and paperback!

Just Published: Donut Mystery #31, Cranberry Crimes!

Donut_31-Cranberry_Crimes-kindleJust Published: Donut Mystery #31, Cranberry Crimes, from New York Times Bestselling Author Jessica Beck!

When Suzanne Hart is commissioned at the last minute to make donuts for a long time customer’s birthday party, she happily complies, but when the guest of honor dies before the party can even begin, Suzanne taps Grace, Jake, and even Phillip to help her solve Jasper Finney’s homicide before the killer gets away with murder.

Now available for purchase from your favorite retailers!  Click here for the Amazon link, and here for Barnes & Noble!

Just published: Donut #30, Baked Books

donut_28-mixed_malice_bnAnnouncing the publication of Donut Mystery #30, BAKED BOOKS, from New York Times Bestselling Author Jessica Beck!

There’s a new bookstore opening up across the street from Suzanne’s donut shop, and when a group of mystery writers descends on April Springs for a panel on murder and mayhem in the book world, is it any wonder that homicide is soon on the menu at Donut Hearts?

Available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other retailers, so pick up your copy today!