Classic Diner Series

A CHILI DEATHA Chili Death, Book #1

Husband and wife team Victoria and Greg run The Charming Moose Diner in Jasper Fork, North Carolina, along with the rest of her extended family.  Greg’s in the kitchen at the grill while Victoria runs the register and takes care of any trouble that comes their way, something that happens all too often.  When a stranger shows up one day and tells Victoria that he owns the land the diner was built on, there’s a scramble to dig up secrets from the past that lead into the present when the stranger is found murdered in The Charming Moose’s freezer!  Victoria and Moose make an unlikely sleuthing team at first, but they soon learn how to work together to track down a killer.
Recipes for real Diner comfort food are included!


A Deadly Beef, Book #2

When a local supplier is murdered on his farm after a very public confrontation at The Charming Moose Diner, Victoria and her grandfather, Moose, must find the real killer before the bad beef they had gets even worse!


A Killer Cake, Book #3

When local businessman Roy Thompson dies after eating a piece of cake from The Charming Moose Diner, Victoria and her grandfather, Moose, must find who poisoned their killer dessert!

Recipes for real Diner comfort food are included!


A Baked Ham, Book #4

When a local actor is killed after making a pass at Moose’s wife, Victoria and her family must find the culprit before Moose is locked up for murder.  It’s not going to be easy though, because Benny Booth had a real talent for making enemies!

Recipes for Real Diner Comfort Food Included!


A Bad Egg, Book #5

When a waitress’s worthless ex-husband shows up at The Charming Moose Diner out of the blue one day demanding full custody of their children, Victoria knows that trouble can’t be far behind. Soon after the man is murdered, a surprising number of suspects turn up in town, but the sheriff is focusing mainly on Ellen. Victoria and Moose must find the real killer quickly before someone they care about is arrested for murder!

A Real Pickle

A Real Pickle, Book #6

When dying pickle-fortune heir Curtis Trane finally succumbs in the Charming Moose Diner, everyone believes that it’s just the end of the man’s long illness, but upon closer examination, it turns out that Curtis has been murdered! In a plea from beyond the grave, Curtis asks Moose and Victoria to solve his homicide, and the two must leave everything they know and venture out into the rich man’s rarefied world.

Sweet Suspects

A Burned Out Baker, Book #7

Barry Jackson’s bakery is burned to the ground, with the baker still inside, soon after a fiery confrontation with Moose and Victoria, and the pair must solve the murder before their reputations, and their freedom, go up in smoke!