Welcome to the many worlds of New York Times Bestselling Author Jessica Beck. Whether you’re interested in donuts, diners, cast iron cooking, or ghost cats, there’s something here for everyone who loves cozy mysteries.

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Baker’s Burden, Donut Mystery #50

black book cover, with a donut with bright red icing
Now available, Donut Mystery #50, Baker’s Burden!

When a wicked landlord is murdered during a going-out-of-business sale in April Springs, everyone who runs a business in the strip mall he owns is a suspect, including one of Suzanne’s good friends. Not only that, but there are even more folks from town who are under scrutiny as well. As Suzanne and Grace dig into the murder, they must do their best not to be the killer’s next victims, too.

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, paperback and more!

Whisked Warnings, Donut Mystery #49

purple book cover, with a donut with white striped icing
Now available, Donut Mystery #49, Whisked Warnings!

When the contractor working next door to Donut Hearts is assaulted and nailed to the wall of ReNEWed, the town is quick to suspect Gabby Williams, and unless and until Mike “Darrel” Masters regains consciousness, Suzanne must work to figure out what really happened at the jobsite in the middle of the night, or Gabby will be convicted in the eyes of the people of April Springs!

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, paperback and more!

Donut Despair, Donut Mystery #48

red book cover, with a donut with white icing and red decorative dots
Now available for purchase, Donut Mystery #48, Donut Despair!

When Jake takes a missing person case near the North Carolina coast, Suzanne decides to tag along for a bit of a ‘vacation’. There’s no time for her to rest once they get there though when they get embroiled in a small town’s present, as well as its past, and they must unravel the mysteries surrounding it before murder books its own stay there.

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, paperback and more!

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The Official Donut Mysteries Cookbook!

donut mystery cookbook cover - brightly colored grid of donuts with title in hot pink boxesThe Official Donut Mysteries Cookbook

Gathered in one place for the first time, the Donut Mysteries Cookbook offers many of the recipes featured in the pages of the New York Times Bestselling Donut Mystery Series by Jessica Beck. Here you will find enough treats to send you into absolute sugar shock, with a few recipes for more standard fare peppered in, if you’re so inclined. The author makes no claims to be a professional baker or cook but has enjoyed making goodies for the family for many years, and has had very few complaints from those consuming the treats included here.

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, paperback, and more!

Audio Books

Glazed Murder, Fatally Frosted, and A Chili Death are all available from Audio.com, Amazon, and iTunes

Glazed Murder, Donut Mystery book 1 (audio)

Donut 1 Glazed Murder Kindle Best ACX

Fatally Frosted, Donut Mystery book 2 (audio)

Fatally Frosted

A Chili Death, Classic Diner Mystery book 1 (audio)

A Chili Death Diner 1 ACX