Updated Book Sale!

Due to the ever expanding worldwide situation, Cozy Publishing has decided to extend their current temporary ebook sale to May 12, 2020.

In addition to the books listed previously, the following ebook titles have now been added to the ongoing sale.

This sale now includes Donut Mysteries 10-25, the entire Classic Diner Mysteries, the entire Cast Iron Cooking Mysteries, and the entire Ghost Cat Mysteries.

Stay safe, everyone!

The $2.99 sale now includes these additional titles to the ones announced earlier:

  • Bad Bites, Donut Mystery 16
  • Old Fashioned Crooks, Donut Mystery 17
  • Dangerous Dough, Donut Mystery 18
  • Troubled Treats, Donut Mystery 19
  • Sugar Coated Sins, Donut Mystery 20
  • Criminal Crumbs, Donut Mystery 21
  • Vanilla Vices, Donut Mystery 22
  • Raspberry Revenge, Donut Mystery 23
  • Fugitive Filling, Donut Mystery 24
  • Devil’s Food Defense, Donut Mystery 25
  • A Bad Egg, Classic Diner Mystery 5
  • A Real Pickle, Classic Diner Mystery 6
  • A Burned Out Baker, Classic Diner Mystery 7
  • Cast Iron Motive, Cast Iron Cooking Mystery 4
  • Cast Iron Suspicion, Cast Iron Cooking Mystery 5

Rigged Rising, Donut Mystery #47

dark blue book cover, with a donut with white striped icing
Now available for purchase, Donut Mystery #47, Rigged Rising!

There’s a mayoral election in April Springs, North Carolina, and just as George Morris discovers that he’s been unseated by rival Lily Hamilton, the new mayor-elect winds up dead! A great many fingers point toward George as the main suspect in the murder, so Suzanne and her stepfather, Phillip, must dive into the case to clear their friend’s name and, in doing so, find the real killer.

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, soon to come to paperback and more!

Book Sale!

Due to the current worldwide health crisis, many folks are confined close to home for the next few weeks. As our way of saying thank you, we at Cozy Publishing are offering the following Jessica Beck ebook titles in a special sale until the end of March. If there are any of these series you’ve been thinking about trying, you won’t get a better deal than right now. And please remember, everyone stay safe!

99 cent sale
Deadly Donuts, Donut Mystery 10 (this is the first donut mystery title we have control over, so we are starting with this one).
A Chili Death, Classic Diner Mystery 1
Ghost Cat: Midnight Paws, Ghost Cat Mystery 1
Cast Iron Will, Cast Iron Mystery 1

$2.99 sale
Assault and Batter, Donut Mystery 11
Sweet Suspects, Donut Mystery 12
Deep Fried Homicide, Donut Mystery 13
Custard Crime, Donut Mystery 14
Lemon Larceny, Donut Mystery 15
A Deadly Beef, Classic Diner Mystery 2
A Killer Cake, Classic Diner Mystery 3
A Baked Ham, Classic Diner Mystery 4
Ghost Cat 2: Bid for Midnight
Cast Iron Conviction, Cast Iron Mystery 2
Cast Iron Cover-Up, Cast Iron Mystery 3

Nasty Knead, Donut Mystery #46

yellow book cover, with a donut with brown icing
Now available for purchase, Donut Mystery #46, Nasty Knead!

When former resident and once-famous country music singer Charlie Gray comes back to April Springs to try to save his career, he gets Suzanne to agree to do a donutmaking demonstration for television, but before they can go on, someone takes the opportunity to kill, and Suzanne and Jake must battle to find the murderer before they can strike again!

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, paperback, and more!

Dusted Discoveries, Donut Mystery #45

brightly colored teal book cover, with a donut with colorful icing
Now available, Donut Mystery #45, Dusted Discoveries!

When former Chief of Police Phillip Martin finds a clue to a missing treasure while researching a cold case, he, Momma, Jake, and Suzanne go off in search of a valuable relic missing since the Civil War. The only problem is that they aren’t the only ones looking for the prize, and when word gets out that they are on the hunt as well, things turn ugly, and fast!

Available on Amazon, soon to come to Barnes and Noble, paperback, and more!

Jessica Beck merchandise

We’ve been getting requests for Jessica Beck related merchandise for years, and we’ve listened!

To view our initial offerings, please visit: https://teespring.com/stores/jessica-beck-fiction and see what we’ve got in stock just for you!

If there’s something you’d like that you don’t see listed, just ask! Have a favorite book of Jessica’s? We can create several items with that specific cover on them!*
*Note: For Donut Mysteries 1-9, we’ll be using the Cozy Publishing cover, not the Macmillan one.

And if you’re a fan of Emily’s stuffed animals, Cow, Spots, and Moose, we’ve got you covered as well, with regular totes and mugs and, as an added bonus, a special edition featuring the stuffed animals all ready for Christmas. Want a cover from another one of Jessica’s mystery series, including the Cast Iron Mysteries, the Classic Diner Mysteries, or the Ghost Cat Mysteries? Let us know, and we’ll make it happen.

Totes and mugs make great presents for the Jessica Beck fan in your life any time of year!


Welcome to the many worlds of New York Times Bestselling Author Jessica Beck. Whether you’re interested in donuts, diners, cast iron cooking, or ghost cats, there’s something here for everyone who loves cozy mysteries.